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Suburban Roads Upgrade


jobs created during construction


invested in safety, community & connectivity


major packages in 1 value for money solution


year maintenance & lifecycle contracts

Building on the successful Western Roads Upgrade model, the Suburban Roads Upgrade is an innovative, new generation availability PPP.¬†The project will help to reduce congestion and improve road reliability, performance, network safety, access and economic development in Melbourne’s rapidly expanding outer northern and south-eastern suburbs.


Combining investment for strategically significant Victorian roads with a ‘whole of life’ approach to asset management, the project involves the design, financing and construction of fourteen major packages. These encompass arterial road upgrades, new road infrastructure and rehabilitation works at strategic locations, along with a 20-year maintenance program covering 1,900 lane kilometres.


Key Services Provided by Our People


  • Transaction Leadership and¬†Strategy
  • Contracts and Commercial Frameworks
  • Tender Documentation
  • Procurement, Evaluation and Negotiation
  • Strategic and Delivery Advice
Suburban Roads Upgrade
Suburban Roads Upgrade
Suburban Roads Upgrade
Suburban Roads Upgrade