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Melbourne Citylink

Melbourne CityLink


one of the first PPPs in Australia


elevated roadway and freeway widening


driven tunnels with multiple carriageways


electronic tolling system in Australia

Melbourne CityLink is a 22km toll road connecting Melbourne’s Monash, West Gate and Tullamarine freeways, creating vital links between Melbourne’s suburbs, CBD and the Airport. The project was a $2.2b PPP infrastructure project across greater Melbourne and included some 5 km of driven tunnels in challenging geological conditions and involving complex fire, life and safety solutions.


The project also includes 30 km of elevated roadway and freeway widening works as well as mechanical and electrical upgrades and a state-of-the-art tolling system. CityLink transformed traffic movements throughout Melbourne and was one of the first major PPPs delivered in Australia.


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Melbourne Citylink
Melbourne Citylink
Melbourne Citylink
Melbourne Citylink